Cheryl Ann - BodyPainting. Meet the artist

Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

The Living Canvas

Artist Management : WB Production

Fine Art BodyPainting

Cheryl Ann looks for beauty in everything she does.
Check her last creations and achievements out.

LOS ANGELES - USA Fine Art BodyPainting Competition

1st Place Winning Design for Body Fine Art Los Angeles - May 2015

ATLANTA - USA Living Art America

2nd Place Winning Design for Living Art America North American Championships - November 2014

GREENSBORO - USA Living Art Greensboro

3rd Place Winning Design for Living Art Greensboro - October 2014

  • Cheryl Ann 1st Place Living Art Greensboro

PÖRTSCHACG - AUSTRIA World BodyPainting Competition

  • Cheryl Ann World BodyPainting Festival


Cheryl Ann Lipstreu's Body Painting


Cheryl Ann Lipstreu The Practice Session