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Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

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Cheryl Ann on Skin Wars Season 2 Reality TV Star 2015

Cheryl Ann was chosen out of 100's of competing artists to compete on national and international television for Skin Wars. She has a starring role in this bodypainting reality show and you can watch her paint live starting June 10th!!

Cheryl Ann 1st Place at Los Angeles Fine Art BodyPainting Competition

The theme for this competition is The Sacred Body and I focused my design as an activist piece based on Female Genital Mutilation. FGM is a complication of horror that affects over 125 million women worldwide.

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European Bodypainting Tour 2015

Selected UV Finalist for World Bodypainting Festival 2015
Installation Award Category contributing artist World Bodypainting Festival 2015

Living Art Greensboro 2015

Selected artist

Living Art America North American Championships 2015

Selected artist

Fantasy Fest Key West FL 2015

Selected artist