Cheryl Ann - BodyPainting. Meet the artist

Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

The Living Canvas

Artist Management : WB Production

Traditional & BodyPainting Services

Cheryl Ann - BodyPainting services enable you to offer unique entertainment for parties and events, improve customer satisfaction with an interactive living art experience.

What Cheryl Ann Does

  • Body and FacePainting .
  • Special BodyPainting UV Performance.
  • Mural Design - Commercial & Private Contracts.
  • Commissioned Paintings - Portraits, Pet Portraits, Landscapes.
  • Commissioned Paintings - Visual Imaginative Art, Body Art, Figurative.

Provide your guests with unique unforgettable living art experience, all while advertising and promoting your business with increased social media exposure.

Including promotional advertising featuring your logo or custom business designs.

I materialize ideas into masterpieces

Currently Cheryl Ann’s focus is on Impressionism, portraiture, plain air painting, still life, landscapes, commissions, and body paintings. She is developing her own signature style while producing new works.