Fine Art Bodypainting Models

Models Information

Models Information : Bodypainting is a multi-dimensional art form that specializes in capturing the magic of the journey in art that the canvas and the creator have collaborated on. Each painting is unique to each project and is created in a safe respectful environment.

Nudity is optional. Panties and Pasties and Male underwear, dance belts or thongs are required for public display and on social media.

Paint : The bodypaint I use is high grade theatrical quality makeup designed for the movies, theaters and performances. It is professional grade paint that covers like a foundation makeup. Both Waterproof (alcohol base) and Water based paints are available depending on request.

Body Hair : Shaving is essential for detail oriented work. Underarms/pubic area and facial hair are ok but should be trimmed and neat. Skin should be fresh and clean and free of hair.

Deodorant is a must do! No heavy lotions or oils as this will prevent paint from drying.

Tattoos and Piercings are ok. 

Taking care of yourself as a model is essential. Please stay well hydrated and eat a high protein meal before your painting begins. Going to the bathroom in paint is perfectly fine and drinking extra water helps keep your skin from being dry. Standing for long periods of time is required and may be tiring so keeping your energy up with snacks and refreshments is a good idea. Models can take breaks and relax in between painting sessions. It is required to stand extra still while your being painted so being mindful to not lock your knees is also very important. Space heaters and or fans can be provided for additional comfort.

Time Expectations : Most full body fine art bodypaintings take 6-8 hrs to create. We take a break whenever needed. Airbrush bodypainting is considerably faster and can be created in 1-2 hrs depending on design. Half Body and face painting are usually 1-2hrs. 

Photography/Videography: After your painting experience comes time to capture the art with a photoshoot. 

Photographers/Videographers are additional fees subject to each photographers rates. Cheryl Ann Fine Art collaborates with a multitude of Photographers/Videographers and is flexible to work with any of your choosing as well.

Clothing: Wear loose baggy clothes that are comfortable to wear over the paint for after your session. Bring a silky style robe, few old towels ( for your carseat) , flip flops and heels, and any accessories or change of clothes you might require.

Posing: Photographers and I will be there to assit and give you good ideas as to how to pose. 

For examples watching and researching Bodypainting Models on social medias can give you lots of ideas for inspiration.

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