Soul Painting


“Every Soul Deserves to Shine.”

Soul Painting is an intuitive design in bodyart created with unique visual components based on each individual client’s specific responses to imagery of love.“

Soul Painting Package Pricing :

Team Cheryl Ann

$10,000 local  $12,500 national  $15,000 international



-assistant artist

-executive consultant life coach

Client will receive a full body transformation in art. While undergoing the painting process the client is guided through a personal meditation tour with the assistance of a certified life coach consultant. This collaboration between artist, client and consultant is uniquely attuned towards providing an elaborate journey of awareness with divine focus of personal acceptance, growth and positive loving self appreciation.

Upon painting completion the client then receives a full photoshoot with modeling instructions, tips and a unique photography theme dedicated to each individual client specific request.

A videographer will capture the entire painting process, complete with interviews and photography creating optional ( 1 min – 3 min – 10 min) mini documentaries of each client’s personal journey.

A full revitalization in the transformation of becoming a living canvas is sure to capture the imagination and boost the spirit bringing clarity of growth acceleration on a vibrational plane transcending Mind/Body/Spirit.

The client will leave the soul painting session with a fresh new perspective on themselves with a higher vibrational awakening.

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