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Soul Painting

Every Soul Deserves to Shine.
Your Soul Deserves to Shine in Art.

Film by Thomas Epsy and Huiyiang Wang

Soul Painting is an intuitive design collaborative bodyart created specifically for you with unique visual components based on your positive responses to imagery of love.

Imagine yourself painted with your favorites, places, people, colors, items, or passions. What colors would your soul be and what thoughts makes you happiest? Now imagine yourself fully immersed in head to toe art.
Do you want to see yourself in Living Color? If the answer is Yes then soul painting is right for you! All body types are welcome and body positivity is our top priority. Literally Every Body is Beautiful!

Soul Painting captures the beauty that is uniquely yours!

Bodypainting is a fine art and worldwide phenomenon and Soul Painting allows You to become an integral part of the development of the art piece as I display my talents on a more spiritual level. Literally your own soul vibrations create the catalyst for deeply personal spiritual healing with each brushstroke. During the painting process I use my intensely intuitive skills to create the imagery of the interpretation of your soul. You will then begin to feel past pain and judgement melt away as the true beauty and essence of your being emerges through your favorite colors, objects, people, and places.

This collaboration between you -the canvas- and my soul painting team brings a full refreshment of self awareness and love designed to tap into the core of your mind, body, and spirit. This powerful experience allows you to go into an amplified zen state of opening while internationally recognized Speaker, Executive Consultant, and Master Manifestor, Mercedes L. Miller, uses her expertise to create an environment of acceptance, freedom, and vibrant energy to explore the innermost parts of your mind and soul. Thusly creating a life-giving journey in artistic meditation with an intentional forward focus towards peace and prosperity. This collaboration becomes the catalyst for spiritual healing and the result is a sense of joy, a renewed sense of love for oneself, and an overwhelming clarity of being.

Soul Painting Team

A unique team of artists, life coaches, videographers and photographers collaborate together to give You the dream soul painting experience of a lifetime. Check your bodypainting bucketlist off here!

Executive Consultant and Life Coach, Mercedes L. Miller, Mindset Managing and Manifesting is a powerful and intentional use of thoughts and words to create a life of prosperity. The five key components are focused on your personal, professional, spiritual, physical, and financial existence. As you are engaged in beig soul painted, Mercedes, and I work together in tandem to process thoughts and emotions that have been hindering your life and impeding your progress. As a communications expert and professional certified in Neuro-Linguistic programing, Mercedes uses that coupled with her keen spiritual insight to interpret your verbal and non verbal patterns while guiding the conversations towards the desires that are at the core of your being. The result is a profound sense of joy with overwhelming clarity complete with your own personal meditation.

Film by Thomas Epsy and Huiying Wang

What you will receive:

* A full body transformation in head to toe bodypaint design.

*An executive consulting session focused on Mindset Management with Mercedes L. Miller

*A 10 minute documentary that chronicles your day’s journey in art.

*A photoshoot with a professional photographer to capture the magic.

*Choice of Theta-Vibrational instrumental music to create your perfect “Spa setting” background to soothe the subconscious during your journey.

*A detailed Mindset Management Manifesting plan to usher you toward maintaining a new awareness in achieving the desires of your soul.

*A signed print by the artist.

This collaboration between you and my team is uniquely attuned towards providing an elaborate journey of awareness with divine focus of personal acceptance, growth and positive loving self appreciation. You will wash the paint off as a new person with new perspectives of enlightenment.

A videographer will capture the entire painting process, complete with interviews and photography creating optional ( 1 min – 3 min – 10 min) mini documentaries of your journey. Social Media videos are also available.

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